Care and Maintenance

As a customer of Perfect Timber Floors, you can expect complete peace of mind with the investment in your new timber floor.


At hand over, you will be presented with a complimentary Loba floor cleaning kit including a detailed floor maintenance regime.


Once you trust us with your new floor, you become a customer for life! At any stage, our team are available to answer any questions you may have and are always ready with helpful advice on how to best care for your floor.


If you want to re-sand, re-fresh or even change the colour of your floor, we can provide a options and advice that will keep your floor looking as a statement of style in your home.

Caring for Your Timber Floor


Perfect Timber Floors only sell and recommend Loba Hardwood floor cleaner. We recommend you set up a regular maintenance program — Routine maintenance not only extends the life of the floor but also enhances its appearance. Domestic floors require the following care and maintenance:

Entrance Matting

The biggest challenge for coated timber floors is dirt and grit particles being walked on the floor, causing an abrasive sanding effect. This greatly increases the wear of the surface. First point of attack should be to have proper grit capturing mats at all entrances thus minimising the amount of damaging particles, grit and dirt, being carried on to the floor. Keep doormats well shaken.


Fine dust and dirt will create not only a slip problem but also act as abrasives causing the floor to scratch and prematurely wear. A regular sweeping program needs to be established to remove damaging particles. We recommend that the surface is swept regularly, with a minimum of twice weekly sweeping with an anti-static mop or fringe mop.

Protective Pads

Attach felt protector pads to the legs of chairs, tables and other furniture to protect the floor from being scratched and to reduce noise.


It is important to wipe up spills immediately on coated flooring even if the spill is water. Ensure the surface is clean and dry and do not allow spills to sit for extended periods of time. Non-slip rubber mats and/or protective mats should be placed in high use wet areas ie adjacent kitchen sinks and bathrooms for added safety purposes and additional floor protection.


Great care should be taken when moving or placing furniture. Furniture shold be lifted and placed, not dragged or pushed.


The use of harsh detergents is not recommended nor is it necessary – this will void your warranty. Loba Care has a PH neutral floor cleaner for all situations, specifically formulated to gently but effectively clean all coated timber floors. This concentrated, biodegradable and pleasantly scented cleaner is designed for superior cleaning power. Its emulsifying action aids in the removal of grime, enhancing the floor's natural beauty. Regular washing of sealed floors can enhance its appearance and keep it clean and safe.

Do not wax the floor

Do not wet mop the floor

Do not use a steam mop

Avoid spiked heel shoes, pebbles, sand and other abraisive materials

Do not use steel wool or scourers on the floor

Do not use non-recommended soap or detergents on the floor and never pour water directly onto the floor

Do not use ammonia-based cleaners or methylated spirits

Recoating Your Engineered Timber Floor


One day your engineered timber or floor will need to be recoated (laminate flooring cannot be recoated). The best time to do this is when your floor is tired and not completely worn through. Your local floor sander will be able to advise you if a maintenance coat is required. Maintenance coats are best as you are not over-sanding your timber floor – only a light buff and one coat is required. We only recommend Loba coating products, your local sander will know where to get these.