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Firm Plank Vinyl > KokomoFirm Plank Vinyl > Kokomo


1213 x 223 x 4mm

The return of vinyl – but with a whole new look as Australia’s most durable flooring solution. Presented in contemporary wide-format, our Firm Plank range delivers a real-look timber flooring solution, that captures the essence of easy living. Our designers have developed timber-look planks with the inspiration of the island trade winds, as names like Kokomo, Cayman and Aruba set the theme for your décor theme.
Our Firm Plank is the fusion of a limestone-based core that is both waterproof and dent-resistant, but with no Plasticizers – the chemical additives which make PVC soft and flexible in higher temperatures, we have developed the ideal flooring solution with unmatched performance, combined with an extensive collection of fashion-forward decors. This means, no buckles, twists or expansions with the ability of our Rigid technologies to withstand higher temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight.
In the past, Vinyl floors have moved, buckled or expanded in the areas expired to direct sunlight and heat been the sun.
Life is full of surprises – Firm Plank makes a floor that is ready when ‘life happens’ – durability for high traffic areas, soft under floor for a comfy and warm feeling thanks to cushioning properties, low noise impact that provides for a quitter environment – especially with busy traffic areas and an easy-care simple solution that is mop-ready friendly to simple wipe marks or spillages away.


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PRODUCT: Firm Plank Vinyl
FORMAT: Rigid Composite Board
COLOUR: Kokomo
DIMENSIONS: 1213 x 223 x 4mm